Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Scholars

The Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Scholars is a grassroots effort to look at strategic approaches to the issues of social justice and policy implementation in regards to the concepts of gender identity and gender expression. We invite all interested students, faculty, staff, and community members to discuss and share strategies in regards to implementing inclusion of “gender identity and expression” into institutional policy.

What We Do

Inclusive Policy Research

Before 2009, only 3 campuses in Texas had inclusive policies. Now our list includes over 90 different inclusive campuses, institutions, and school districts

Annual Summit

The event that started it all. Join us at a different campus each year for 2 days of teaching, learning, and planning the path for social justice

Education & Advocacy

The other 363 days of the year we offer educational and advocacy opportunities to individuals, groups, and organizations interested in learning more about transgender issues and inclusion

2023 Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit

Hosted By:

Join us at Texas A&M University – San Antonio on June 9th and 10th of 2023 for our annual summit filled with teaching, learning, and planning the path to social justice for transgender people within educational institutions in Texas. Everyone is invited to learn about how to best advocate for changing campus policies to protect transgender faculty, staff, students, and allies.”

Early registration is now open
$20 for students
$40 for all others.

Registration includes access for one to both days of the Summit and coffee, breakfast, and lunch for each day.

Register Here

*At the door admittance is $20 for students and $45 all for others

Workshop and/or Poster Session Proposals begin January 1, 2023.

Use the button below to visit our submit proposal page to submit a proposal!

Interested in registering for a table at the Summit?

Vendor tables are available for a flat fee of $100 per table (one table and two chairs) for the two-day Summit. This fee includes full registration for one person to the Summit.

Setup is allowed in the afternoon and evening on Thursday, June 8th or the morning of Friday the 9th.

Interested in volunteering at the Summit?

Volunteers are asked to work one day but receive full registration for both days of the Summit!

-Keynote Speaker-
Alexis Melvin

Alexis Melvin is a gender-fluid transgender woman. Beginning in the mid-1960s, she worked as a grassroots community organizer to challenge discriminatory policies and work to elect pro-equality policy makers. An independent consultant, transgender activist, photographer, charity fundraiser, and lecturer located in Houston Texas, she is president of the Transgender Foundation of America, the Managing Principal and Senior Consultant for MCONSERV consulting, the Managing Associate of InVoter.us, and a regular on the Transadvocate Podcast. Alexis formerly served as Chair of the Houston Transgender Unity Committee (HTUC), is a past member of the Board of Trustees of the Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus, a founding member of International Foundation for Gender Education, and an initial member of TransGender San Francisco. As a successful independent consultant, she provides consulting services to multinational corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and public charities in the areas of information technology, strategy, crises management, organizational structure, event management, diversity, and general business management.


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8222 City Base Landing San Antonio, Texas 78223
Texas Transgender Summit Group Reservation  

Volunteer support and donations are always welcome. Visit this page to help support our cause! 

We are currently in the process of finalizing keynote speakers.
Email josephine@txtns.org for information, workshop proposal guidelines, sponsorships, advertisements, or registration information.

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